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Ancestors of Mabel REAM


68. Jacob BLOUGH

Came to Philadelphia in 1750 on the ship Brotherhood w th his father, brother (Christian) and sisters Elizabeth and Freena. Revolutio
ary War Vet Jacob served from 1778-1782 as a private in the PA troops during t
e Revolutionary War. On May 6, 1772, he received a warrant for 60 acres in Lan
aster Cnty., PA. In 1982 he paid tax on 150 acres. On January 29, 1788 he b
ught from Thomas Vickery of Bedford Cnty., PA 100 acres in what is now Quemah
ning Tqp., Somerset Cnty.. Jacob Blough's descendents are known as teh Quem
honing branch of the family. This distinguishes them from the Berlin branch w
o descend from his brother - Christian Blough. Jacob was a large man - 6 feet
all and weighed over 300 pounds.